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The Validity of the Nation-State: ISIS, the Internet, and the Twenty-First Century

Since the Treaty of Westphalia in 1648, the dominant political institution has been that of the nation-state. A nation-state is a sovereign state in which citizens are of a relatively homogenous identity (nationality, ethnicity, language, religion, etc.), and which exercises … Continue reading

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Things to Read this Week, #3

Here are some really cool news articles this week! Little bit on labour, little bit on technology, little bit on democracy and free speech. Check it out! “Rise of the ‘Precariat’, the global scourge of precarious jobs”, CBC, June 1st … Continue reading

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The Limits of Free Speech

Hello everyone. I am working on a piece to submit to Lost Graduate Magazine this week, so I’ve been a little too busy to prepare much. However, I thought I should post something, so here is a little commentary on … Continue reading

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