Things to Read This Week, #2

Here are some of the most interesting things I could find on the web this week, from a variety of sources and covering a variety of topics. Check them out!

“Is there a link between climate change and terrorism?”, CBC, May 26th

Certainly makes sense to me that climate change resulting in drought and famine would exacerbate tensions in already tense regions. For more on the current climate change issue, check out these two articles here and here on extreme weather from around the world.

“The world is drowning in debt, warns Goldman Sachs”, Telegraph, May 26th

Our present society is more or less built upon the Baby Boomers, warfare, and debt. Debt has made it all possible, but when the Boomers are gone, someone still has to pay off those bills.

“The candidate with a plan for ‘free’ university education”, BBC, May 26th

Everything I hear about this guy is pretty cool – if you’re American, support him! Seems like a fairly reasonable plan for free schooling too.

“Thousands of migrants ‘lost at sea’ off Southeast Asia”, Al Jazeera, May 27th

While there has been a lot of focus in Western media over the Mediterranean migrant crisis, this one seems to be going curiously underreported. Also, the fact that these agencies are asking for $26 million to save thousands of lives is quite sad – Apple apparently makes about $2000 a second to negatively affect thousands of people’s lives, you’d think they could splurge a few million to do some good.

“John Pepall: Canada’s democracy crisis is all in the mind”, National Post, May 27th

Great to hear someone argue the other side of this issue, at least. However, he totally misses the point. He’s right to say that any alternatives have flaws of their own, but if money is increasingly getting involved with politics, if minority parties can’t sit at the table, if a minority of Canadians elect their government, if there is no recall system for representatives, if representatives don’t actually act with their constituents in mind, and if all Canadians votes don’t matter, than there is most certainly a democratic “deficit” in Canada, though I prefer the term crisis myself.

“UK’s first commercial-scale aquaponic urban farm could be blueprint for city farming”, Factor Tech, May 27th

Well that’s just darn-right nifty. Would love to see way more of this sort of thing. Cities isolate individuals from nature, from food production, from their labour, and from other individuals, and we need to start thinking of alternative models for urban design, and quick.

“Buying the War”, PBS, 2008.

Stumbled across this film a few days ago, all about the failure of journalists and the media in the lead up to the Iraq War (2003). Well made film with great interviews, really gives you an understanding of what was going on from all sides. Whenever I read about this subject I find a lot of conspiratorial stuff, this film is the most balanced and plausible exploration into the events I’ve come across so far. Watch it!


And, if you haven’t already, check this out on why Bill C-51 is bad news for Canada.



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