Things to Read This Week, #1

So in this category I want to share what I think are the most important, interesting, or enlightening things to read this week – mostly news articles, but some analysis pieces and maybe a book now and then. Here’s the first batch – enjoy!

“Record Fines for Currency Market Fix”, BBC, May 20th.

Finally! Big banks finally facing some consequences for their illegal actions. This story has a far more ominous tone to it however, as it proves that a small group of bankers and corporations can, if they cooperate, completely dominate the economy. Whatever the results of that line of inquiry, it is nice to see state authorities targeting the real criminals – bankers defrauding society – rather than going after needless drug convictions or petty crime brought about by poverty.

“MIT says solar power fields with trillions of watts of capacity are on the way”, Computer World, May 6th.

So: solar power is the best way to provide energy now and in the future. Let’s get on it!

“Los Angeles moves to hike minimum wage to $15”, CNN, May 20th.

I was really shocked when I saw this headline, and even more shocked when I discovered that several other big American cities have done the same. We need to move to the idea of a living wage, not a minimum wage, for those that need it. (A maximum wage might be nice too). Everyone, and especially those that work, deserves a respectable standard of living.

“George W. Bush’s CIA briefer admits Iraq WMD ‘intelligence’ was a lie”, Salon, May 20th


“Getting past climate change chaos to find Canada’s eco-affluence: Don Pittis”, CBC, May 20th

Increase the standard of life for all humans while also maintaining a sustainable environment – what’s so crazy about that? Canada’s economic emphasis on oil is absolutely mad; let’s see some real government moves to invest in public transportation, renovating homes to make them more energy efficient, and to increase use and production of solar energy.

“What a riot does achieve”, BBC, April 28th.

This one is from a little while ago, but I couldn’t help but share. It sums up my thoughts almost perfectly during the Baltimore and Ferguson rioting this past year. Basically, while there may be other, totally non-political issues for a riot, the Baltimore riots helped make Freddie Gray’s death a story, not a statistic.

“Ranking of the Top Global Challenges”, Council on Foreign Relation.!/ranking/2015

Super cool read, though a bit longer than the rest. They’ve gathered up the opinions of a bunch of think-tanks to rank global issues. Great analysis, but I think they’ve failed on one major point: the top three are all conflict issues (inter-state violence, intra-state violence, and terrorism), where four and five are the global economic system and climate change, respectively. Does an inefficient, flawed economic system which leads to massive climate change not cause violence and terrorism? Our media and our politicians need to refocus their attention onto things that lead to violence and terror.


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